Main composition structure of network server cabinet

A complete new generation cabinet system mainly includes cabinet body, cable management unit, airflow management unit, power distribution unit, installation of fixed accessories, KVM switch and rack LCD display.

1. The main body of the cabinet;

2. The vertical installation of the column can be easily adjusted to meet the requirements of equipment with different installation depth;

3.All equipment that meets the EIA-310-D standard can be installed correctly;

4. The integrated cable management dedicated channel allows users to conveniently place, manage and operate a large number of data cables, even if the rack equipment has been installed in the cabinet or installed in the cabinet;

5.Through the rear power distribution channel, users can easily install various types of vertical installation power distributors (PDU) without taking up valuable cabinet effective installation space. A dedicated power distribution channel facilitates power distribution operations and provides a large number of power sockets for equipment installed in the cabinet. At the same time, no less than 21 IEC power sockets can be set on the power distribution channel on the cabinet side.

6.The vertical installation column of the cabinet marks the exact location of each “U”, eliminating the trouble of the user repeatedly finding the installation location, which greatly facilitates the user’s installation work;

7.The front door, rear door and side panel can be locked and can only be opened with the key provided;

8.Proven frame design, sturdy standard mounting rods and heavy-duty wheel feet provide static and dynamic load levels of not less than 900 kg;

9.Set several grounding bolts to provide sufficient contact between the equipment installed in the cabinet and all independent metal parts;

10.The design of the front and rear doors and side panels can be quickly removed. In equipment installation and daily maintenance, removing the cabinet door or side panel can bring unexpected convenience.

Post time: Apr-24-2020


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