What is the difference between a network cabinet and a server cabinet

Network cabinets and server cabinets have the same thing in that they are both standard 19-inch cabinets. The difference between network cabinets and server cabinets is that the server cabinets are used to install monitors and servers, as well as UPS and other 19-inch or not 19-inch cabinets. Standard equipment has particularly strict requirements for the depth and height of the cabinet and the load-bearing aspects. The required depth is generally 60cm, and the height is 90cm. Because heat dissipation is necessary when necessary, there are vents at the front and rear.

The network cabinet is mainly used for UC South routers and switches and other network equipment or network accessories. The depth is generally less than 80cm, and the width is 60cm and 80cm. The front door is generally made of glass, so the requirements for heat dissipation are not Very high.

Post time: Oct-30-2020


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